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Essential oils - so much more then just nice scents! Part V

Essential oils - so much more then just nice scents! Part V

Its been a few weeks since I've shared my last post - been busy with Mother's Day Pamper Packs!

To recap, in my last post, I shared about the qualities of two of my favourite base/carrier oils - Sweet Almond & Jojoba oils.  These two are used mostly in my product formulations.  In this segment, I will share about the qualities of  other oils which I use often too.  


Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera)

Source : Virgin coconut oil obtained from fresh, mature coconut kernels 

Skin types: Good for dry and dehydrated skin and mature skins as its very nourishing.  That's why this is used in my body butter formulations. 

Qualities : nourishing, emollient, protective

Common uses : for softening and smoothing, irritated skin, itching skin, sun damage, hair care

Note :  For those with sensitivity to nuts, best to do a skin patch test.

 Argan Oil (Argania spinosa)

Source : Kernels, produced in Morocco.  Contains Vitamin E, Omega 6 & 9 fatty acids

Skin types: Good for all face & body skin types including mature skin and  prematurely aged skin 

Qualities : Antioxidant, reconstructing, softening, toning, regenerative and protective

Common uses : for dry, flaking skin, scarring, sun damage, improving skin elasticity and in hair care

In my next post, I will begin sharing about the qualities of each essential oil that is commonly used in many product formulations - and those in my own product formulations - my personal favourites!

Sources: The complete book of essential oils & aromatherapy (Valerie Ann Worwood, Essential Oils (Claire Cross)

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Natural Ingredients

Natural Ingredients

Harnessing the natural restorative and regenerative properties of pure essential oils and other natural ingredients and plant extracts, we aim to create products that are honestly good for you.  Our skincare products have:

No Parabens

No Petrochemicals

No Sulfates

No Phthalates


For once, "No" is good!

Our Homecare products minimizes the use of any chemicals.  We opt for natural substitutes whenever possible.

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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy


We strive to use all natural ingredients in our skin care products because we believe that wellness stems from nature. 


We believe such goodness should be affordable and accessible to most people. From source to production to market, we keep costs as low as possible so that we can deliver a good product that's affordable. 


We believe that everyone's needs are different, so we are able to customize oil blends and balms for you. We want to listen to your needs so that we can always serve you.

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