An exciting 2022 awaits us! Watch this space! An exciting 2022 awaits us! Watch this space!

About Us

The Scent Apothecary is an honest home based company that seeks inspiration from nature for all our personal and home care products.

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Using the powerful restorative and regenerative properties of natural ingredients, especially that of essential oils, together with the other plant and natural extracts, we create products that are good for you - honestly.

It was born out of a personal interest in seeking holistic - mind, body & soul - wellness. 

For all too long, too many of us have been relying on personal care products loaded with chemicals in order to achieve our wellness goals.  That's probably not the best - not quite knowing what we put in our bodies.

At The Scent Apothecary, we use all natural ingredients for our personal care products.  So, there's a long list of "No"s that we are proud of.  As such, products are fresh and have a shorter shelf life as we avoid chemical preservatives.   

No product goes out without being tested on us personally, as we are confident that if our products are good for us, they are good for everyone.

We hope you enjoy our products and resonate with our philosophy.  

We also enjoy listening to you, the community whom we exist for.  So, please feel free to provide feedback and suggestions.