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The Scent Apothecary

Pure Essential Oil Diffuser Blends


Essential oil blends are perfect to get rid of unpleasant odors in your home or office spaces or simply to help with your moods and emotions.

There are many odors that can linger in a home and they are sometimes not even noticeable to the people in the home, but visitors will definitely smell the bad aromas.

Recently cooked foods like fish, fried foods and spice odors seem to hang around forever.  There may even be a musty smell if there is lack of airflow in a room

Essential oil blends importantly help with your moods and emotions - inhaling their wonderful scent they can calm and rebalance you  or lift and energize you. 

To help get you through the day, here are three high quality pure essential oil blends for you and your home or office, use in your diffuser. These blends support health and wellness and smell great too.

Sunshine Burst : Comprising a blend of the zesty Grapefuit, earthy Lemongrass and fresh Bergamot, this blend will energize and uplift you and will instantly be a "pick-me-up".

Midday Magic : Comprising a blend of earthy Lemongrass, herbaceous Clary Sage and musky Patchouli, this blend will revitalize and rebalance you - perfect for the middle of the day.

Moonlight Bliss : Comprising a blend of therapeutic Lavender, floral Geranium and fresh Bergamot, this scent will help you relax and keep clam as you go into the evening and prepare to wind down.

Directions for use:  Drizzle a few drops into your diffusers, sit back and breathe in deeply when the scent gets diffused.